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What is Bilite?

Bilite is the new high impact display system that's revolutionising the way you get your message across...

  • High Impact
  • Hire or buy
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for internal and external applications
  • Economical

GO LARGE! Giant images have an impact that simply cannot be ignored!

Use at point of sale, trade exhibitions, consumer shows and outdoor events to guarantee you are seen and that opportunities of your target audience to see your message are maximised.

Use Bilite to build brand recognition, start a teaser campaign, create intrigue, launch a new product or service or direct people so that they can easily find you. There's massive scope on such a large format to be bold and impactful.

Bilite is ideal for use at conferences and seminars because it is easily moved and erected. It is used in theatres to create scenes and back drops, and for backgounds to photographic sessions. Wherever you want to create a powerful display, Bilite is the answer.


A Bilite outdoor frame is perfect for attracting attention. It’s light and quick and easy to erect with no need for any foundations. It can carry a message on both sides, making it perfect for showrooms, one-off events and any roadside advertising. Bilite Outdoors comes in six standard sizes and with an option of three anchor kits to suit fixing in all weather and terrains.

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Ideal for any large indoor area the Bilite Stable can be assembled within an hour, giving you the maximum exposure for a minimum cost. Available with a specially designed lighting kit all you need is a 13amp socket to make a blinding impression. Flexible, light and easy to use, Bilite Stable is available in a number of sizes:

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All you'll ever need to create the perfect exhibition stand, Bilite Stand is flexible, easy to assemble, totally free standing and visually stunning.

Suitable for any area from 10sqm to 30sqm and more, Bilite Stand solves the problem for any exhibitor wanting the individuality of a free standing exhibit with the ease and cost savings of a shell scheme.

Bilite Stand is:

  • fully adjustable
  • free standing
  • available from 2.4m to 3.4m in height
  • with a choice of 27 different pre-designed models
  • can be assembled by two people in 1 hour
  • and be easily carried in any van with a loading length of more than 2.2m

There's also the option of using an additional frame to create a ceiling, to add impact and create an atmosphere. Special HQI lighting can be used too to add to the effect.

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For the ultimate in giant displays with spreads up to 10.8m x 10.8m, the Bilite Wall system is the obvious choice for any large wall area. Using just four anchor points Bilite Wall is easy to install, commercially cost effective and packs an astonishing marketing punch. Available in a number standard sizes, special sizes can be manufactured to meet customer requirements.

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Instant impact, ease of handling and management, Billboard is everything you need to create great impact in a portable, free standing, robust and durable display system.

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Uniquely versatile, Bilite grows as you need it too, expands as your needs develop. Bilite exudes quality and thoughtful design, making graphics changes simple and often single handed.

Removal and erection is alway simple and uncomplicated with elegant fixtures and clever hinges to facilitate rapid installation.

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